Portable Bicycle Tire Repair Kit

Portable Bicycle Tire Repair Kit

  • $9.99

This Bike Tire Repair Kit contains everything needed to repair a flat bicycle tire. This Bike Tire Repair Kit is ideal to take with you as you ride around, so you can make emergency repairs that will last until you can get home and properly replace the tire or tube.

Since some components of this bike repair kit are made of steel, it is durable and long lasting. Also included in this bike flat tire repair kit is adhesive and various-sized patches. These allow you to cover different types of holes and tears that might make riding your bike difficult.


  • Bicycle tire repair tool set, including patches, metal rasps, tire levers, patches.
  • Help to fix bike problems, easy to use.
  • With small plastic tool box, convenient to carry.
  • Must-have accessory for any cyclist on short or long journeys.