INBIKE Portable Bicycle Pump with Gauge

  • $19.99

Portable Mini Bike is the perfect on the go solution. Light-weight, compact and simple to use. It is sure to get you out of those sticky situations.

  • Model:       IQ310
  • Weight:       ~105 g
  • Pressure:    Max pressure 120 PSI 
  • Size:           Before drawing out: 20 cm.  After drawing out: 33 cm
  • Material:     High Strength plastic surface, Durable Alloy Inner
  • Suitable for MTB/Road bike/Fold-able bike
  • Package:     Pump, Pump Holder, Screw,  Loop & Hook
  • Features:    1. Presta & Schrader
  •                    2. MINI, the portable size (20 cm length) is very convenient to carry with.  You could pump up your tire in case of unexpected                                   under- inflation situation anywhere.
  •                    3. with air-pressure gauge

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